I created this planner to help me accomplish tasks throughout the week without being tied down to the block schedule during the summer. You can watch my vlog on that, here. I have things I want to accomplish, and the visual cues help me to remember those. This is a simple document with a coversheet. I tried to keep this a simplified version to ensure that things actually get done. The versatility means I can use this to plan each day, or each week. I plan on using it to look at what I want to accomplish from week to week.

This is an editable PDF, which means in order for you to use the document successfully, please download and use in Adobe Reader or Acrobat Pro. It is an adobe product.

I’ve also filled out the PDF and then imported it into my note taking app on my iPad so that I can track progress that way. When you import it into the note taking app, it won’t keep the editable features, so I pre-fill in the document prior to uploading.

Keep it simple and you will be able to plan a successful week or day.

This is for personal use only. For district licensing information and discounts, please email me at: mandy@mycreativekingdom.com.

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