Listen & Learn Sight Word Vocab Cards Set 1 – Learn from Home Distance Learning full-sized pages will captivate your child or students as they learn their sight words. Practice reading these sight words and sentences to practice them in context.
Print for flash cards and/or use on the computer to listen to the sight word and have the sentence read aloud to children (click on the headphones). Practicing 10 words at a time helps chunk content and makes learning manageable and sustainable.
Some sets will have the same sight word covered twice; but it will be a different card (and picture) with a different sentence.
1. Like
2. The
3. A
4. I
5. And
6. See
7. We
8. To
9. Me
10. At
Single classroom use, and personal use only. © Mandy Fyhrie @ MyCreativeKingdom.com
Preview HERE: Click on the headphones to listen to the sight word and sentence on that page.
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Personal or single classroom use only © Mandy Fyhrie @ MyCreativeKingdom.com

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