Amazon is my favorite shopping site when I don’t have time to go to the store. I use it for almost everything. I even bought our lawn mower on Amazon. It doesn’t replace all the grocery shopping – yet. But, it’s one of my top go to’s. And, with Amazon Prime, Free Shipping has me hooked. If I can get it on amazon without having to leave the house, car, soccer game, etc. that’s my jam.

Here are some of the most amazing Back to School finds so far, this year!

Play Centers

With my New Back to School Resolution, I bought these play centers. It’s a huge investment. They were worth every penny. I know they will get good use and I’ll be able to easily incorporate and use them to enrich our curriculum. Kids need to play to learn, and these will do just that!

Door Bell Class Management System

With how many times I get laryngitis, and usually toward the beginning of the year, this door bell will save me!

Teacher Mug

One of my good friends is going to be a teacher for the first time this fall. I thought these would make the perfect gifts! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to give it to her!

Croc Sandals

Okay, so depending on your dress code, you may or may not be able to wear these at school. I love these! They are so cute and very comfortable. I’ve worn them every day for the last two weeks that I’ve had them. Bonus, is that they are cute, too.

Velcro Dots

This was revolutionary for me! I had many kids who needed visual reminders in the classroom. These can be used for games, as a visual aid for scheduling, to close folder games and so much more.

Clean Air and Lemon Essential Oils

I use these essential oils at home in our diffuser. We have pets, and it just gives the house that welcoming and clean smell. I even read somewhere that the smell of lemon in your home can cause buyers to purchase a house for up to 20% more. Don’t quote or hold me to it, but I thought that was interesting. I have an air purifier and plan to add a few drops to the cover to help filter the air in my classroom. If you have taught kindergarten or teens, you know the smell is half the battle. This will do the trick. I’ve also bought three of those diffusers for at-home use.

Apple Cakelet Pans

Aren’t these cute? I love to bake and it can be a stress reliever. So, I purchased these to make for my students and/or families at conference time. There’s nothing like a little homemade love to send along to make your day and someone else’s.

Scholastic Read Aloud – Story Treasure DVDs

These story treasures are amazing. I’ve had the 100s one since my first year in kindergarten and couldn’t go without it. I purchased the smaller set earlier this summer, hoping to get some newer titles. I know it won’t disappoint. Again, these are great for saving your voice. It even highlights the words as it is read.

Chalkboard Contact Paper

I have this hideous off-white tannish white board that doesn’t let me write. It’s useless, except for the fact that it is magnetic. I tried putting up butcher paper, and it just didn’t work well enough for my needs. So, I bought three rolls of this to cover up the ugly.

Mother Bruce Book

This looked so cute, it was an impulse buy. It was so impulsive that I accidentally bought two! Well, that’s okay. We will put this cute read aloud to good use at the beginning of the year when we are going over nursery rhymes. Very cute story. I’M SO EXCITED A NEW BOOK IS COMING TOO!!

What are some of your amazon or online finds? Let me know!

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