I’ve gone from starting the school year online for a few weeks, to AB days and then all in-person kindergarten. My hands are cracked, legs sore and my brain hurts. BUT, it’s all worth it to see my kids. I’m grateful for the safety precautions, even if they seem incessant.

Retell & Crafts

This entire week, we spent reading and re-reading Creepy Carrots. We wrote/drew a retell with character, setting and what happened in the beginning, middle and end. We created creepy carrot crafts, and finally, today we dressed up as creepy carrots. I wore all grey and made a simple bunny hat. I was Jasper.


Since children will not get a typical Halloween this year, our school did a socially-distanced trick or treat with all the classrooms. The kids went bonkers, and I have to say it rivals our Gingerbread Man hunt we do every year. So much fun!

I created the creepy carrot costumes on the fly last night. I used the extra large orange paper, put two holes at the top and put string through the top. Kids wore the costume over their head so the two triangles were displayed on either side. No matter which direction a child faces, you can see the carrot. For the black lines on the carrots, I took about 1.5 X 3 inch black rectangles, the freestyle cut them across a slight diagonal down the middle. Then kids had to align them with the edge of the carrot to create the effect.

Our Socially-distanced Halloween Fall 2020. We studied Creepy Carrots all week, retold the story and then finally, went trick or treating at school as creepy carrots! Best celebration so far!

The headband is freestyle too 🙂 I used orange construction paper in strips for the headband, and I used green paper to cut out what looked like to be tall broccoli. I attached it to the front of the orange paper. To keep it from flopping, I taped a small straw to the back of the green paper with masking tape. This could have easily been done with a tongue depressor as well. Kids attached 1.5 x 3 inch black rectangles to the headband to make eyebrows. I stapled around their headband to make sure it would fit. Next year, I think I’ll ask all the kids to wear orange, black and/or grey to match the book!

Making it Special…

Another teacher dressed as Clifford, put on a huge mask and a gown. He delivered mini pumpkins to each of the kids, too! And since we did a Clifford book study earlier in the year, the kids knew his character. The teachers I work with at our building are amazing, and everyone pitched in to make this so special for our kinders.

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