GROWING BUNDLE! Now includes 23 options

Use the ORIGINAL editable name writing practice on TPT to strengthen and help teach student skills. I was using a highlighter and it was just too time consuming. So, all you have to do is open the document in Adobe Reader, Edit the first name and last name on the first form, (fields are highlighted) and the rest will be generated for you. There is enough pages included to create pages for 28 different students. There are 9 different first and last name writing options in all.

No need to download fonts or anything! Just make sure your Adobe Reader is updated to use this product properly.

Updated 9-11-2016: I’ve made the following revisions to this product: There are now 11 more options for handwriting. Some include the option of writing in a “house.” Use the terms: attic, upstairs, downstairs and basement to help teach handwriting!

More coming soon!

Option 1: (Original) – smaller print, first and last name on one page

Interactive Table of Contents (Click and be taken to your template)
Option 2: First and Last name in dotted, lined print twice on each page
Option 3: First and Last name in dotted, lined print and write your own
Option 4: First name only, dotted, lined and box form
Option 5: Last name only, dotted, lined and box form
Option 6: First Name House Writing (With Cut & Paste)
Option 7: Last Name House Writing (With Cut & Paste)
Option 8: First Name House Writing
Option 9: Last Name House Writing
Option 10: Apple Tree First Writing (Vertical) with Cut & Paste
Option 11: Apple Tree Last Writing (Vertical) with Cut & Paste
Option 12: Coconut Tree First & Last Writing Bubble
Option 13: Coconut Tree First & Last Writing Lined
Option 14: First Name Vertical Writing (x6 lines)
Option 15: Last Name Vertical Writing (x6 lines)
Option 16: First & Last Name Vertical Plane Ticket – Dramatic Play
Option 17: First Name Word Search
Option 18: Last Name Word Search
Option 19: First Name Boggle
Option 20: Last Name Boggle
Option 21: First Name Sign In
Option 22: Last Name Sign In
Option 23: First and Last Name Entry Task / Survey Option

Second PDF now includes smaller type. Same format, just smaller type for those extra long names or for writers who are more proficient!
(Option 2, Option 3, Option 4 & Option 5 in smaller font)

I like to use this by copying front-to-back on a coloring sheet in kindergarten for the first few weeks. It’s also a fantastic pre and post test. There’s also a rubric involved with hamburgers! The rubric is in color and B&W

This is for writing first and last names; it is now updated to include extra large fonts as well as the smaller original font.

I also have a single document for writing extra large print separately. This product is now a bundle to encompass all you need for learning your first and last name.

Enjoy, and please don’t to forget to leave feedback!

EDITABLE PDF Interactive First & Last Name Writing Practice – PK-1 by Mandy Fyhrie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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