Before I started my teaching job, I started to stock up on supplies from the dollar store and yard sales. I used most of it, but some of it ended up being donated, still unopened. Some things I have replaced for nicer things as the years have one, and others I’ve deemed less important.

My first tip, if you’re a new teacher, is know what your school/district provide and what parents are expected to provide. Check to see if there are quantity limits or price limits. If you fill out an order form, it is likely you will get some supplies for less expensive on your own. You can often turn in your receipt for reimbursement. Check with your principal.

Our district does not ask parents to provide supplies. This doesn’t mean I don’t provide the opportunity for parents to donate supplies. I have a wishing tree up for display during kindergarten conferences and the first month of school. At this time, parents are welcome to donate supplies to our classroom. Inevitably, one of the most needed “supplies,” are snacks.

Here is my list of top 10 supplies I think are necessary to purchase (much less expensive than purchasing through our school warehouse). I buy these supplies late July to early August for best sale prices.

Amazon School Supplies

  1. 40 boxes of 24 Crayons
    1. We go through 40-50 boxes of crayons yearly
  2. 40 Glue sticks
    1. We go through out about 80 glue sticks yearly
  3. 40 Pre-sharpened pencils
    1. We go through many, many pencils
  4. 1 Gallon bottle of Elmer’s Liquid Glue
    1. Glue galore. This is also great for crafts and fun science activities like making puffy paint and the oh so popular, slime.
  5. Class Set of Watercolors
    1. Kids need to paint. They just do.
  6. 2-3 boxes of Colorful Band-Aids
    1. Nothing heals like a band-aid. It makes it all better.
  7. 2-3 Full boxes of Kleenex
    1. Tears are inevitable. It happens. From kids and parents. Hopefully, not the teacher J
  8. Hand Sanitizer
    1. For nose, bottom pickers. I use it a lot during the year and keep it in my purse.
  9. Box of Thank You Notes or Cards
    1. Perfect for gifts given by students, staff or to welcome people to the new year
  10. Stickers
    1. Glitter is important. If it glitters, kids want it. Stickers are something special that will forever be timeless.
  11. White Labels
    1. Perfect for using as last-minute name tags, and including in your emergency procedure folder.

Did I miss any essentials? Do you have any ideas? Let me know!

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