Do you think it’s important to keep a schedule? I do, which is why I started on my venture to create one. I started with a 12 block schedule, breaking it into hours. Then, I went down to 10, 8, then 5, then none. Yeah. So importance didn’t match up with my willingness to carry through with a specific schedule. That’s the bottom line.

I was watching all these amazing bloggers and vloggers and their ability to get super human accomplishments throughout their summer, and even during the year. I want to do that! They are reading books about being highly effective, getting things done. They seem so put together.

So, I started my venture to create something I thought would work for me. It took me a day to make the schedule – I’m a very precise person. The problem is that I don’t look at squirrels in the backyard, and get distracted by a single tiny object. No. I get distracted by the 10 squirrels, 10 barking dogs and shiny things that I’ve isolated inside my own imagination. I have too many ideas, too many things I want to do and I can never seem to get them all done.

I haven’t decided whether or not I will give up on putting myself on a schedule all together, but one things is for certain, when didn’t get done what I thought I should accomplish in an hour, I felt tremendous guilt. I felt lazy when I took a break to watch a television show and not do work, or even, heaven forbid, I take a couple days off. I am an overachiever. I think many teachers are overachievers, or at least hold what they do dear in their heart. The thought of a summer “off,” has never been part of my vocabulary. It probably should be. But it isn’t.

My brain doesn’t turn off. Again, shiny objects took me to another location in my imagination. So, back to this post. I’ve decided strict scheduling is not for me. I don’t like the rigidity and the guilt that follows. I shouldn’t feel guilty for taking time off, and I am a highly productive person by creating checklists. In all reality, these can stress me out a bit, too.

I’m a creative person and want to work and move with the flexibility of doing things I enjoy. Especially in the summer. I have a set deadline I try to abide by, but I think the flexibility of working more on one project and less on another is a good thing. The danger is having too many hobbies. I have so many it’s hard to stay put. I do finish projects, but then bounce back to something different. I like challenges and learning new skills and concepts — until I don’t anymore. 🙂

Are you as undecided as me? Do you have a schedule you stick to? How does your look? Who knows where life will take me tomorrow.

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