It’s almost time for us. We start in one week! Well, teachers start Monday, but kids start in a week. Oh, my goodness! I can feel my heart pounding, my mind whirling and excitement building.

What I’m wondering, is how am I going to sit through some of those meetings for an entire few days prior to school’s start. I think teachers, by nature, are used to moving about and keeping busy. Even after coming off summer break, I know I will have the endless twitching my leg bouncing up and down to keep from tapping my pen on the table. I’m a doodler and multi-tasker. I’m one of “those,” kids. I promise, I’m paying attention! It’s just that I have to move, or I can’t listen to a single word. All I will be thinking, is my butt is tired and falling asleep, and my brain will be thinking about everything except what is being said. I’m not ADD or ADHD. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. I’m just one of those people that has to be working on something all the time.

This year, I’m thinking a coloring sheet with a graphic organizer would be a great way to record the data I need at the meeting, while also keeping my mind engaged and body moving.


How do you handle the work days? Do you have tips or tricks?

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