The calm isn’t going to come naturally in these times. You have to find and pursue the calm in order for it to infiltrate. We have to find the quotes, scriptures and things that bring joy to our hearts.

Almost all day when I was teaching in the building, and not from my home laptop, I would play the ocean on my SmartBoard and play soft music over the top. This was so important and children would find it mesmerizing. I found the distraction welcome, even when it was math or reading time. Everyone needs a little distraction and time to reflect.

In fact, I still have the ocean playing on the television in my home attic office / classroom in the morning. The new norm requires we look for the calm. This is my calm. – Along with a sign on my desk that says: gratitude turns what we have into enough.

I also try to find the calm by listening to my Bible on Audible every morning. Peace that surpasses understanding…

Here’s a link to an ocean video for you to help find your calm today. What positive things do you do to find your calm?

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