Kindergarten is not what it used to be, and much of the same, but with a very intentional approach. What I mean by this, is that we still play, we still dress up and build, we are just more intentional about incorporating formal learning opportunities.

If you are prepared, getting ready for kindergarten won’t be as daunting and you can help prepare your child for a solid foundation. One of the most important skills you can help your child achieve prior to starting kindergarten, during kindergarten or as a refresher, is learning how to recognize and write lower case letters. We don’t want children writing letters in a way that is not functional, and developing habits that will actually block learning, so this video is a lesson just for kids! It teaches children how to write all the lower case letters of the alphabet.

Giving children a practice worksheet without direct instruction is like giving a child a piece of paper and saying draw the Eifel Tower. They don’t have the academic language to achieve the skill in a way that will help continue and strengthen learning. Kids need direct instruction when it comes to writing.

This video gives children the language needed to help practice their letters, and strengthen learning. We want writing to be automatic, but first, it requires tips and tricks to help them learn the proper way to write. Kids will be most successful given the right tools.

Use this video, pause and rewatch to help children practice writing their letters in a way that will enable them to be successful. All kids need a refresher. This video does not use primary lines. It focuses instead on the formation. Later videos will focus on using the lines once the language for writing and recognizing the letters is internalized and learned fluently.

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