Teaching at home looks different for everyone. You want to create a sense of normalcy. For kindergarten, this is most effective with a simple schedule. Keeping the schedule simple and flexible will give you a greater chance of success. It also creates accountability for kids, and the consistency is something my kinders thrive on. This is going to be especially helpful for a child who does not handle transitions well or who has autism. But, let’s face it, all kids are facing what we are right now – a sense of grief, loss and shock. However long this lasts, it’s still a process for us all that requires flexibility and grace.

You can create a simple schedule by putting what you want to do on color-coded index cards. I don’t recommend putting down rigid times. You may write down, twenty minutes of reading. Just make sure the kids have a timer they can check. Kids don’t have a great sense of time, and so this will help them stay focused on the task at hand. Don’t forget to include lunch and play times in there! We all need to play!

If you want something kids can color each day to create buy-in or color once and laminate to increase ownership, consider these Dollar Bin Coloring Schedule Cards in my store Here.

What does your schedule look like at home for your family?

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