Teaching at home is going to look different for everyone. You want to create a sense of normalcy, but don’t want to overwhelm. Working on creating a new sense of normalcy, a new norm, will be vital to your success.

So, how much is too much? I would say this is a family decision. I do not recommend spending more than 2 hours with 1-1 instruction with a kindergartner (sitting next to them and completing work). I’m not including reading with kids or watching educational videos. This is a form of passive learning, although still valid, valuable and helpful. I’m also not including the time they learn through dramatic play – grocery store, vet clinic, dress up, etc.

Worksheets have a bad rap. They keep kids busy and help them practice skills when you need to work; however, keep in mind, that they should be independent and not needed to practice new learning (things kids don’t already know). Yes, kids need hands-on learning, but this might not always be possible due to lack of available resources: you (time) or materials. Hold kids accountable but be flexible. Understand and respond to your child’s needs. Take frequent breaks and allow your child to play (primary and secondary!)

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