Our district no longer requires parents purchase school supplies, but that doesn’t mean we won’t take donations or gifts! There are supplies on our list that are either too expensive through the district (allocated with how much we can spend based on our teacher-given budget or we need way more than what is provided). There are supplies we also want to help your kids grow and experience the best school year they could ever have!

Here are some of the class-set supplies our kindergarten teachers want year after year!

  • Watercolors. They aren’t expensive; however, when you are purchasing watercolors for an entire class at $1-2 a piece, that is an expensive purchase. We love to paint. If you gift your teacher with a class-set of watercolors, they will be so grateful!
  • Kleenex. The ones our district provides, and possibly others, is the low-quality assortment. We need gentle tissues for gentle noses. AND, we go through a lot of tissues in kindergarten. I remember reading somewhere kids who are kindergarten age usually have 4-6 colds in a single school year!
  • BIG pencils. The bigger pencils (primary) or triangular pencils are not usually provided by districts or schools. These large pencils help to strengthen kid muscles. We usually purchase them out of our own pocket but getting a lot for an entire class to last the year can be expensive.
  • Blank Wooden Picture Frames. We love to make you gifts. We are always looking for gifts to make parents around important holidays that can stored and treasured for years to come. Kindergarten is such a special year.
  • Clorox Wipes. Yes. These are necessary. These tables get yucky. We go through a bin of Clorox wipes a week! (I use them, not kids). BUT, it’s especially important during flu/cold season. LOTS AND LOTS of Clorox wipes, please 😉
  • Gallon Bottle of Elmer’s Clear Glue. I make a lot of puffy paint and slime with the kids throughout the year. The clear is perfect. One gallon for the year will last us just one year for about $20.

What supplies do you find yourself wanting year after year that you go through?

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