I found myself in a panic yesterday because we were running low on milk. I only drink almond milk and can’t get my Starbucks in the morning as we are practicing social distancing and I have asthma that has worsened over the last few years. Somehow, the almond milk is flying off the shelves in great proportions. I’ve had a coffee nearly every morning since I was in middle school and that is a habit that is difficult to break or alter. You see, coffee is the one thing I don’t cut in my budget. I’ll cut, alter or ration everything else before I cut my coffee.

I found myself asking for forgiveness over not having enough almond milk to make coffee, and that even the almond milk I had to make in my espresso maker wasn’t enough to make the cut – not enough sugar, flavor or something!

Lord, please forgive me as I fall short, and help me not to focus on the selfish things. I pray that I find my new norm in you and only find the strength I need in the shelter of your love and grace. Thank you for your compassion over a pitiful soul longing for a good cup of joe.

What is the coffee, cup of joe or almond milk in your life?

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