We don’t have cable at our home, but we have internet, sling and news apps on our phones. This is how we have chosen to stay in touch with the outside world. In my previous “life,” post I talked about how I desperately miss my Starbucks in the morning. Yes, there is pick-up available at this point and drive-thru. Makes it almost more difficult. I only live a couple blocks from a Starbucks. However, my family is practicing social distancing because of my asthma, which has worsened this year. If you can do so safely, please do support local businesses and those around us! I’m going to want to go back to my morning cup of coffee when this is all finished and want to make sure I have some place to go!

I’m astonished by the amount of compassion from my coworkers and those closest around me in proximity. We have coworkers with chickens to offer eggs, bread flour to share with each other (since there’s not a Hansel-and-gretel-crumb to be found!), and rice. Staples in our kitchens have become the commodities of this marketplace, and we share freely.

As I was preparing for my lesson plans for the kindergartners a week ago, I stopped by the local Dollar Store. We had made lesson plans for every day, and I wanted to add baskets and stuffed animals, bubbles and possibly some chalk. I’m holding up the line at the store. The lady at the cash register said I must be a teacher. I told her I was getting all these supplies for my kindergartners to take home because of the crisis. The man behind me offered to pay $10 off my bill once he learned I was already at $65. I ended up paying around $80.

This was someone who he didn’t know, and this amount could have easily been a sacrifice for him. It did turn out that he had nieces in my classroom! It was a small world. It made my heart full and continues to do so.

What heart-filled stories do you have?

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