So, we are expected to teach and assess student learning to the best of our ability, and do it all remotely. These challenges are enormous! I was befuddled, as a kindergarten teacher, how I was expected to do such a thing. Then, I started using Zoom to communicate with my students weekly. Not all children attend, but my philosophy is provide it, and the resources are there when families are ready.

Zoom has transformed my ability to reach children during these “unprecedented,” times. A cliche that still has tremendous value in our lives. As part of Zoom, you can select “share your screen.” At the end of our zoom sessions we always visit the San Diego Zoo and I share with them a read aloud or YouTube video. I’m just very quiet when I share the screen and they can see my video and all their friends simultaneously.

So, here’s what I plan on doing for assessment. Children and an adult or another teacher need to be present for our Zoom assessment conference. I will share the screen with children and they will read the word aloud on the screen. It’s not a perfect fit, but I think a pretty practical and easy one. So here’s the first 10 words in our sight word list and the rest are soon to follow!

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