One of the things I have learned about teaching through a distance, is the more nuggets and carrots I can entice children with, the better. We’ve learned that incentives can be flipped around. That is, instead of me contacting home to let families know how a child is doing, parents are letting me know how their child is doing and I provide the accolades. It’s a funny time we are in. But what worked at school, is working at home, if you learn how to flip it in your favor. Partnerships are essential to a child’s success.

I’m also pulling out all the stops when it comes to keeping children engaged. Acting takes on a whole new level. I keep my lessons short, pertinent and only model the lesson. Children are busy as are parents and distractions are endless when you are learning or teaching your home. So, keep it short and meaningful.

You can find videos like the ones below on my YouTube channel. In the videos below, I work on Social Studies content, and even include my own family of pets…Go with the flow!

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